Tips For Recycling And Disposing Your Yard Waste During Spring Cleanup

Springtime brings warmer temperatures and causes the snow and ice to melt in your yard, revealing all the clutter and trash left in your yard from last fall. With the right disposal and recycling knowledge and tips, you can recycle your organic debris back into your yard and dispose of yard appliances, furniture, and tools, properly.

Recycle Your Yard Refuse 

After the snow has melted, you may find clumps of dried leaves on the ground from last fall, or matted-down sections of grass on your lawn. Use a rake to pull up the loose pieces of dried grass and the fallen leaves, collecting them in trash bags. Then, collect any dried plant debris remaining in your flower beds or garden and add them to the trash bags. To make a good mixture compost, you will need to add fresh green plant debris to your already-collected brown debris. So, store these trash bags for a few weeks until it is time to mow your lawn. 

Next, mix the green lawn clippings into the brown clippings and create a mulch that you will later add into your soil. Place all the compost onto a pile in your yard, keeping it moist with your garden hose as it dries out. Use a pitch fork to stir and aerate the mulch every two weeks

Mix this type of compost into your soil throughout the summer. This will help break up clumps of hard clay and help retain moisture in your sandy soils, which will help the growth of your plants. Besides improving your soil, saving and recycling the dead plant matter can also help reduce the waste going into your local landfill. According to the Denver Solid Waste Management, one-third to one-half of residential waste collected is plant yard waste.

If you have any dead or fallen tree branches, rent a wood chipper and chop the dead branches into a wood chip mulch. You can use this to cover the soil of your flower beds or spread around the base of your trees to keep your yard looking well-manicured.

Dispose of Non-Organic Yard Waste

As you are cleaning up your yard, you may come across old and broken yard tools and furniture you no longer need. If you have been storing broken or non-working yard items for more than one year with the intent to repair them and still have not, it is best to get rid of the items. If one year passed without having made the repairs to use the items once again, chances are low you will ever make the repairs. 

Items such as a broken lawn mower, snow blower, or an old picnic table and chair set that have not been used due to damage, can all be discarded in a rented dumpster. If you are disposing of any large items in a rented dumpster, most dumpsters come with a side door access so you can place the items inside the dumpster. Or, you can donate broken tools and appliances to a local appliance repair shop for recycling, so check around in your area for any shops needing used parts. 

Most dumpster rental companies, such as Parks & Sons of Sun City, Inc., will provide a dumpster for disposal of a mixture of yard refuse and appliances. Make sure the dumpster rental company does not have any regulations about what combination of items you can trash inside the dumpster, as some companies will rent out dumpsters only for specific needs. For example, some dumpster rental companies will rent you a dumpster to dispose of yard compost, but not for disposing construction items. 

There are many dumpster rental companies, so find one that will provide debris haul-away for your specific needs. Then find out how long you will have the dumpster for filling it with your refuse and have it filled and ready for pick-up at the end of your rental time.

Use this information to help clean up your yard for spring.